Nevada's Adult Education system is an integral component in the state's human services and educational system, effectively responding to the needs of adult learners.


Nevada Adult Education will be the catalyst to empower and prepare Nevadans to achieve their life goals and aspirations.


Nevada Adult Education creates innovative and responsive educational opportunities for diverse adult learners.


Services are primarily geared toward adult basic skills, English language learning, high school equivalency (HSE) test preparation, career pathways, and transitioning to postsecondary education and are available to those without a High School Diploma or its recognized equivalent.

Student Success Stories

Nevada adults improve basic skills and get jobs through programs in High School Diploma and Equivalency preparation, Career Pathways, Literacy, English as a Second Language (ESL), Civics, Citizenship, & Transition to Postsecondary programs. Visit our Student Success Stories page for some stories of students’ success in the federally funded Adult Education programs.